Vehicle Organizing Ideas

By the show of hands, how many of you are happy and excited when you get into your vehicle because it's organized and fairly clean? Does it give you a sense of calm or is it a little chaotic or maybe apologize to passengers with the amount of clutter? Now close your eyes and image the next time you climb into your vehicle and it is meticulous. I know, funny, right? Of all you have going on in "life", probably the last item on your "To Do" or last place you may find "peace" and cleanliness would be in your vehicle. 

In all seriousness, a recent newsletter from the Container Store, they share some ideas to help anyone interested in  a more organized car.  AND many of the items they suggest can be found at a local SAMs Club, Target, Walmart or even Amazon. Check out the "Tips" article here from the fabulous Container Store.

One of my absolute favorite cargo storage tote is here through Amazon, if anyone is interested. I use it all the time for help with groceries (so they're not rolling around) and to hold sacks with items being returned to stores. 

Thanks for stopping by and please share your thoughts or any vehicle tip(s) you use!