Trish Raap

Trish is a brutally honest and bold organizing consultant here to help you be more organized and STAY organized. After a session with her, you’ll know the WHY and the HOW. She helps Clients virtually and surrounding the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area, including Center Point, Hiawatha, Marion, Robins, and Walford. With a Bachelor's of Arts from Mount Mercy University, with a minor in Applied Science, de-cluttering and taming the chaos has always been a passion.


Have you ever read "The Berenstain Bears and the MESSY ROOM"? The entire Bear family becomes involved in an attempt to clean and organize the cubs' messy room. Ever since she was little, Trish was in love with that last page. It's the "after" picture of how Mama Bear organized the cub's closet. Neat. Orderly. Even with Labels on the boxes! Everyone was happy, again, even Papa Bear. Finding that happiness and balance for clients is exactly why Trish created her company!



Drooling over an orderly area in a book is one thing. Trish has experience as an organizer and has a great understanding how organization and an efficient environment impacts life. This comes from many avenues including:

  • Role as a wife
  • Mum to 3 kiddos
  • Community chairs
  • 9 years in a Fortune 500 company

Trish is honored to be able to help people and find she's doing something meaningful every day in this business! Her success centers around three very important areas:

  • Continuously staying educated on organizing and space enhancements.
  • Connecting with other Professional Organizers (one of the reasons why she is a member of the Iowa Professional Organizers (IPO) Association).
  • Confidentiality! Being in Human Resources for over 15 years, her whole professional life is centered around confidentiality and trust. All sessions are kept strictly confidential! 

You will never feel any pressure and this business is built on being judgement-free! So, when you're ready to make your life more simpler and need a helping hand, think of Simplify With You!  

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