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  • Living Spaces
  • Home Office 
  • Kitchen & Pantry
  • Play Rooms
  • Stage Your Furniture



This service can be done virtually or locally within a 30 min. drive from Cedar Rapids. For the DIY'er who has time, yet unsure of maybe just where or how to start organizing, this may be the best option for you! Together we will walk through whatever areas of your home you would want to discuss in-depth on what works and what doesn’t. We then determine your priorities and focus on your personal goals and vision for your space.


You will be presented with new perspectives, fresh ideas, and suggestions on resources and where to purchase items (if you're interested). Our suggestions may include sketches for specific storage solutions, re-arrangement of your furniture, options for new routines and time management. Your in-depth home assessment also comes with a complimentary follow-up phone call, video or e-mail discussions for up to one hour. This additional support is especially helpful if you plan to make suggested improvements on your own, yet have more questions or need additional advice.

Investment starting at $75

For a FREE phone consultation to find out if this is a good fit for your needs, contact Simplify With You!

HANDS-ON SESSION (2 Hour Minimum)

Serving the Cedar Rapids, IA communities, we work side-by-side to create a space you desire, by discussing what is working and what is not working. You'll receive tailored solutions and I'll keep us on track, and make this fun, fast and effective!

organized kitchen in Cedar Rapids, IA

Once you're happy with the results, your package includes a complimentary follow-up to ensure the process we have developed works! Worried about upkeep after our session? No problem! A Maintenance Plan to ensure efforts stay streamlined is available to our Clients.

Investment of $60/hour

For a FREE phone consultation or to discuss your organizing needs in detail, contact Simplify With You!



You can be anywhere! If you want to organize your home in a pre-determined time-frame, using the tools and resources recommended by us, this will work perfectly for you! We will Skype or FaceTime on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, tracking progress, discussing upcoming tasks and benchmarks, asking questions and getting personalized feedback. In between chats, you’ll work on your organizing assignments on your own (or with a friend or family member). If questions arise in between our coaching sessions, simply email me for advice to keep your progress going in the right direction.

Investment starting at $100

For a FREE phone consultation, contact Simplify With You!



Once we have finalized your organizing session, we wouldn't want all your hard work to go to waste! Now is a great time to keep the momentum going and tackle new areas of clutter. Therefore, we offer packages for those interested in ongoing support; whether it's monthly, seasonally, every 6 months or every 12 months. We are here for you!



The greatest compliment you give us are referrals. Therefore, as a Thank You, you receive ONE FREE HOUR during your next booking, after the new client's first paid session.